Arduino Types

Arduino, Electronic Device Builder Tool

What is an Arduino? Arduino is a brand of a collection of electronic devices and software. The Arduino product is intended for those who “lay with electronics”. Devices are designed to build electronic devices that can detect and control the physical world. In short this electronic device is shown to be used in various fields so as to provide value in everyday life for everyone. By using this device, it is expected that those who do not understand about electronics can still innovate. It’s just that it must pass through the first stage of learning about Arduino to be more familiar about the electronic world and the system. However, before you may be still curious about the advantages or types of Arduino. Therefore, let’s find out the rest!

Arduino Types

For those of you who want to buy this electronic device, it is better to know the types first. So you will get the device you really need. Here are some types of board types that can be adjusted with the designation:

  • Arduino USB, this type of component has PC communication or programming interface in the form of USB.
  • Arduino Nano and Mini, this type of component has a compact board shape that can be used with breadboard.
  • Arduino Fio, this type of quality component is designed for wireless use.
  • Arduino Mega, this type of component is similar to uno version only armed with higher spec.
  • Arduino Serial, this type of electronic component has an RS232 interface.
  • Arduino Lilypad, this type of component has a circular board shape which is further divided into several types.
  • Arduino BT, this type of component has a bluetooth module that can be used for wireless communication.


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